Concussion Management at Total Balance Physiotherapy

Put simply, a concussion changes the way our brain functions – causes it to work less optimally. It may be caused either by a direct blow to the head, face, neck or elsewhere on the body with an “impulsive” force transmitted to the head. A Concussion may or may not involve loss of consciousness.

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Concussion Rehabilitation

Recovery from a concussion can be a difficult and frustrating time. We understand that each client is affected differently and will require individualized care. There are numerous proven and research based management strategies that are used to limit the amount of impairment as well as expedite the recovery as much as possible.

Individualized resting strategies and home instructions

Specific recommendations regarding appropriate participation in work, school or sport.

Manual or Vestibular Therapy for associated complaints such as whiplash, dizziness, jaw pain etc.

Screening and Referral for Vision therapy if required

Rehabilitation for balance, coordination deficits

Physical Exertion testing and plans to return to sport or activities of daily living

Types of physiotherapy treatment offered

Advancements in concussion management and research have resulted in the widespread use of computer based cognitive testing protocols, and evidence now shows that concussed athletes/clients demonstrate subtle cognitive deficits that may persist after any perceived symptoms have resolved.

This is evidence that return to activities/sport once “symptom free” is no longer an accurate measure of readiness. Proper administration of neurocognitive testing requires supervision and test interpretation by  a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Computerized neurocognitive testing is a well established and recommended component of both baseline and post injury concussion management protocols and is designed to assess a variety of performance factors including:


Reaction Time

Attention Span

Problem Solving

Neurocognitive testing is one of the most important pieces to the overall concussion management strategy.

Physical Testing

Additional and recommended pre-season testing procedures include and assessment of balance and visual function. Concussions often take a considerable toll on balance and visual coordination.

Obtaining both baseline and post injury performance values provided the objective information when determining and athlete’s readiness to return to sport.

Do I need a referral?

No. However, with a suspected concussion it is always recommended that the person seek medical assistance by a qualified physician as well as book an appointment with a SHIFT healthcare provider. We will assess your injury and work with your physician to provide you with management strategies to aid in your recovery.