We take pride in taking our time, listening to the client, reviewing all necessary tests and history, while providing the appropriate amount of time to assess and treat your condition. At Total Balance Physiotherapy you get more time with comparable costs. Our approach logically lends to accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and a more relaxed and comfortable environment to be treated in (as well as to work in). Our follow up treatment visits vary in length depending on the needs of that injury but on average they are approximately 30-60 minutes in length. Our booking schedule is unique as we do not rush as many clients through as we can. We limit the number of patients that we see and our schedule allows for 30-40 minutes of direct care from one or more of our healthcare team.

When comparing your physiotherapy options, always consider how much time you will be getting with your visits and how many people are seen by the health care providers each hour. We restrict this number to ensure that high quality care is possible and can be expected.

An assessment refers to the first visit with your physiotherapist. They will take a detailed history, review appropriate medical documents, perform thorough testing, explain their findings and describe (and often begin) an appropriate treatment approach. Our assessments take 60 minutes in length to ensure a proper evaluation is done.

This all depends on how complex the problem is and how much time is needed to perform a thorough and accurate assessment. In most cases, some degree of treatment is performed as time allows.

All our therapists are registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Our registration number can be found adjacent to the therapists name on the bottom left of your sales receipt.

OHIP funded physiotherapy is delivered in certain communities by Designated Physiotherapy Clinics (DPC). A list of clinics that can provide services within the OHIP restrictions can be found here: DPC list

Like most private clinics in Ontario, Total Balance Physiotherapy cannot bill through OHIP.

If you have suffered a fracture or have had surgery, you can contact our local hospital, South Muskoka Memorial Hospital (SMMH) and they may be able to help you, as these injuries may still qualify for OHIP.

If the injury is a result of a motor vehicle accident, veterans affairs, or a workplace injury, you may be entitled to benefits. Please call us and discuss if you have any concerns or would like more information.

Each person and each injury is uniquely different. Until the assessment is performed an accurate estimate cannot be given.

We take into account the severity of the injury, time, costs and many other variables when we create a treatment plan.

If you have any concerns we suggest you discuss them with your physiotherapist.


First Physiotherapy Visit (60 minute assessment): $100

Follow Up Physiotherapy Treatments (30-60 minutes): $60

Re-Assessment/Complex care: $85

One to One Dedicated Physio Care/Neurological/Multi-joint involvement (30-45 minutes): $110


Concussion Management Program:

Concussion Assessment: $140

Concussion Treatment: $95

Baseline Testing: $55 ImPACT and Neurological screen (recommended)

Baseline Testing: $30 ImPACT only


Massage Therapy: Please note your first visit with the registered massage therapist must be a minimum of 45 minutes in length to allow for appropriate history taking and assessment.

30 min – $54+hst

45 min – $74+hst

60 min – $90+hst

90 min – $125+hst


Vestibular Therapy:

Vestibular assessment: $140

Vestibular treatments: $95



$395 for 1st pair including assessment and any adjustments needed in the first 4 months. ***(see below for insurance coverage comment)

Orthotics (2nd pair): $290 if ordered within 24 months of 1st pair.

Why are your Orthotic prices lower then others that I have compared to?

-We understand that not everyone has full coverage through an extended health benefit plan. Not everything that has a “medical” label needs to have a “medical” markup on its price, and we aim to provide high quality orthotics at a more affordable cost.

***Insurance companies can vary from one to the other and even within the same company. Therefore, it is recommended that patients verify the requirements they must satisfy for proper reimbursement. Most often, insurance companies require a prescription from a medical doctor, a chiropodist or a podiatrist. Some may also dictate which practitioners are allowable to cast the mould for the custom orthotic.

We recommend that you wear loose comfortable clothing for your assessment and follow up visits in order for physiotherapists to provide a thorough assessment and treatments. Try to expose the area where the problem is. If it is a shoulder/neck or arm issue, it is best to wear a tank top, if it is a low back, hip or knee issue (lower body), it is best to wear shorts and if it is a back issue it is best to wear a loose top that can be lifted up for assessment purposes. If you are unsure how you should dress for your condition, don’t hesitate to ask us before you come in. We are able to provide shorts or gowns should you forget or do not have access to the above clothing options.

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Interact debit and cash payments. You will be given a receipt with the type of service provided and any applicable registration number. This receipt can be used to claim your benefits if you have health insurance that covers your treatment. You will have to send your receipt and claim form to your insurance provider and than you will be reimbursed. Unfortunately, we do not bill your insurance company directly. Payment is required at the end of each session.